If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.

– Rudyard Kipling

Who We Are

ReenactingSchedule.org is provided and managed by Parson John Living History, Inc.   Founded by Frank & Carol Jarboe in 2009 as a 501(c)3 Educational Non-Profit – the idea behind Parson John Living History began in 2003 when Frank & Carol began attending Living History Reenactments.   Growing from just a few events in those beginning years, Parson John Living History, Inc. now attends an average of 42 events each year – traveling over 50,000 miles each year in 17 states. www.parsonjohn.org

Mission Statement


Parson John Living History Inc. is dedicated to studying and presenting events that shaped the world during the European settlement of the American continent and the founding of the United States of America.  This purpose is accomplished through a cultural study of the European settlement of the American colonies by examining period writings including letters, diaries, books, pamphlets, and legal documents in the period from 1600 to 1812 while specializing in the interaction of religion and society in the lives of the colonists.  The education of the public is via first-person interpretation, character demonstrations, and presentations at living history events, reenactments, schools, libraries, and churches. These presentations are intended to give an accurate view of various aspects of 18th-century life and culture.


Mailing Address

Parson John Living History, Inc.
1785 Old Springfield Rd.
Woodburn, KY 42170